Established in 1977.

Management and Computer Consultants

We assist Start-ups in creating the infrastructure they need to succeed.
We perform management reviews to help fine tune the infrastructure of established businesses.


We design, implement and maintain the following types of software:
Intergated General Accounting Systems which includes GL, A/R, A/P, Billing

Information Retrieval

Our conversational mode SQL interface is a breakthrough in improving the users ease of retrieving data from data base files.

Software Programming Techniques

You write it maintain it forever!
We provide training in programming techniques that provide the ability to write highly maintainable programs in any computer language. I have over 40 years in the Software Development Industry and that is not 1 year repeated 40 times! I learned early in my career that you only write it once then you maintain it forever (or rewrite it). I developed a programming technique that allowed us to create and maintain a Public Utilities Package, that ranged from Billing, full Financials including Inventory Control, for 24 years without a rewrite but still keeping up with industry changes. We were featured on the front page of Computer World, the US's largest IT newspaper as well as Canadian Datasystems in Canada. I am offering to teach others this technique. Programming is still an Art not a Science