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Have you ever...

Have you ever been away from your home church on a sunday due to a vacation or business trip?
Did you wonder if there was a church in the area where you were that fits in with your beliefs?
We have. After using all the search options we could think of, we still were not sure if there was one. All we could find is church names and addresses, so we decided to set up a Christian Church On-line Database. This database will contain the usual data as well as the name of the lead Clergy person.
It will also contain a area labeled Beliefs/Teachings. This area will give you a chance to see if their beliefs/teachings are the same as yours. It will also try to determine the Praise and Worship style.
We have created a survey that can be filled in by the churches to further define their beliefs and teachings.

We use our exclusive conversational search technique called Flex-SearchTM to allow you to search the database for the churches that match your needs. Precision searching with ease!
The Type Filter on the first page allows you to see only the churches that match the filter.

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