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Flex-SearchTM advanced...

Flex-SearchTM has many options which you will find useful as you become more comfortable with the concept.
If you are planning a long trip and would like to find churches in the cities you will be in on each sunday, you can do the following:
List all churches in the city of Toronto, Atlanta, Orlando that believe in healing tongues and prosperity any 4 will do.
Flex-SearchTM assumes that all conditions have to be true to get a match. Since each church record only contains one city name, a church cannot match Toronto, Atlanta, Orlando in the same record. The 'any' option we used above means, if the church believes in tongues healing and prosperity and is in any one of the cities it will match.
You can also use from... to... This could be useful for finding churches within a group of zip/postal codes or phone area codes. You have access to all of the data contained in each record. This means that you can get very specific about what you want. If you do not get any results, you can loosen the conditions until you do.

We will add more tips to this page as we receive questions from our users.