According to IBM "Information On Demand is a hot topic."

Boost office agility. Powerful, integrated search capabilities help save people time by enabling them to quickly and easily find just about anything on their PCs.

Flex-SearchTM, is our exclusive key-word, conversational style "data Mining" technique.

What is "data Mining"? Data alone does not have any value. In order to become Information, data has to be compared to standards.

For example: the number 24,000 does not mean a thing. If we qualify it by saying it is the average salary of a Web Programmer it still does not mean anything. If you are a Web Programmer and are making 40,000 you now know your salary is above average. If you are working for 15,000 you might consider becoming a Web programmer.

So "data Mining" is having the ability to compare your stored data to a standard in order to obtain information.

Flex-SearchTM provides you with that ability of using key-words in conversational statements for data comparison.
Precision searching painlessly!
Up to 10 comparisons can be processed in one statement therefore reducing the amount of data retrieved to only data pertinent to your request.

We can produce Flex-SearchTM modules for other application files.
Flex-SearchTM does not use any system resources and can respond to any language.

We are pleased to announce that Flex-SearchTM has evolved from a service to a product!
Flex-SearchTM Suite is a set of programs that will allow you to create Flex-SearchTM interfaces to any and all of your files in all of your applications.

We are excited about this breakout!

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