MERVIN G. FAULKNER ASSOCIATES LTD. Management/Computer Consultants and Information Retrieval Specialists

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MERVIN G. FAULKNER ASSOCIATES LTD. was established in 1977.

We have over 30 years of hands-on business management experience and over 35 years of computer software experience.

We have recently focused on helping startup businesses to create their business plan and we provide management functions and training in the initial phase.

We also help companies that have reached their growth phase to manage this phase effectively through basic management principle training, using such principles as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Hertzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory

We take great pleasure helping people make their dreams come true through practical and proven techniques.

We also provide Computer Software Design services and have a full suite of Financial software available.

We also offer Programmer training Seminars in such areas as Heirarchical Programming, Byte Mode Programming and Thinking Outside-of-the-Box.

We are also Information Retrieval Specialists.

Flex-SearchTM our exclusive information retrieval technology unlocks the information stored in data files without utilizing huge amounts of valuable resources. We literaly allow access to every field in a file regardless of it's preceived significance. If it is worth storing it is worth accessing!

We are pleased to introduce you to our new product. FlexTextTM
FlexTextTM uses the Flex-SearchTM techniques to access document files. We are excited about the results.
Learn more about and try out the on-line demo.

You can reach us by calling the above number or by E-mail.

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Management/Computer Consultants and Information Retrieval Specialists