Some ideas to help you get your dream onto paper and from there into reality.

The first step is to write a business plan. You can download a template plan from
Writing a Business Plan is not as hard as you may think and it is a way for you to become more focused on your dream and what it will take to make it happen.
If you are going to present your business plan to others remember this, Their time is valuable and they do not want to read a 50 page essay. They want to know the following:
Do you have a clear picture of your dream?
Have you done any market research to see if your dream is viable? You can use the Internet and your local library to do this.
Do you have a clear picture of the steps needed to make your dream come true?
Do you personally have the management experience to bring this dream into reality? It has been said that "A good manager will hire all the skilled people he needs but a "skills" person will not hire all the managers he needs.". The people looking at your plan want to know if you have the ability to, or are willing to hire someone who has the ability to, control your business.
This is not an "ego trip". If you do not have the experience to manage this venture, let the reader know that you are looking or have already found some who does.
You should incorporate your new company. The following link to will show you how to do this on-line.
Corporations are controlled as follows: Shareholders elect the Board of Directors who appoint the Officers (hire & fire). So, if you do not have the experience to run your new company, you can still control it by being the major shareholder (51 or more percent of the shares) and electing yourself as Chairman of the Board. As Chairman of the Board you have the power to steer the company while hiring someone to manage the day-to-day operations.
If you have to find someone to help you get your company started, try to find a company that will help you build a solid infrastructure and train your staff to use it effectively. They should train themselves out of a job within 6 months to a year. Do not use a company that uses a "cookie cutter" approach but instead find a company that will get into your dream and develop a system that will meet it's needs. A solid control system at the start will give you a better chance to succeed and manage your future expansion.
Their services will not be cheap but your dream is worth it.
For example:
A father took his family out for a bite to eat in the early afternoon on a weekday. After they placed their order at the counter the cashier gave him a number. When they had selected the table they wanted to sit at the father placed the number on the table. His son said "What is the number for dad?" and his father replied "It is so that when our order is ready they will know who to bring it to."
The boy looked around at the empty room and said "I don't think they are going to have any trouble finding us dad!"
The father said "I know that son, but this is the procedure that they use all of the time so when the room is full the waiters know how to find the right table."
The morale of the story is "If you start right you will be able to handle the increase."

Another important part of your plan is the spreadsheets (links are included in the template) showing what it is going to cost to start your dream and a projection of the on-going costs and revenue realisticly expected. Tip: Do not be overly optimistic about your revenue and do be overly optimistic about your expenses. It is better to have your actual expenses be less and your revenue be more then you forecasted rather then vice-versa.

Good luck in your pursuit of your dream! Remember, there are no short cuts to success! "If it's worth doing, it is worth doing right!"

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Have a super one!

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